About Us:

We, at International Flow Technologies (IFT), have been serving the Americas and the World for over 35 years, by providing pipeline solutions including: emergency responses for turn-key bypassing of pipelines, hot tapping, line stopping, wet tapping of butterfly valves, and valve installation services. IFT is capable of handling modifications to most piping systems. Our specialty is performing small to big hottaps and linestops in order to replace or add new valves to existing systems without an interruption of service. These solutions are led by a team of technicians using innovative techniques that have helped define the industry.

* Hot Tapping: 1/2"-96" OD Pipeline
* Line Stopping: 1/2"-84" OD Pipeline
* Pipe Freezing: 1/2" to 36" OD Pipeline
* Insert Valves: 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12" OD Pipeline
* Valve Replacements: All Sizes
* Emergency responses for turn-key bypassing of pipelines
* Many other services listed throughout this website

We have completed many projects around the world on water, natural gas, sewage, petroleum and chemical products. IFT has a broad background in handling all types of piping problems, and has a full engineering department to produce the solutions for your pipeline needs. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to assisting you in the future.


Leak Detection Experts Worldwide.

The pipeline lays under salmon bearing streams and bogs so positive testing was very important to the owner. A highly accurate meter was used to test any drop of pressure in the system between the Pipefreezes. No damage was reported by the PipeFreeze process.



  • Pipe Freeze Leak Detection

    One PipeFreeze was performed on each side of every creek or stream crossed. With the Hot tap test location between the freezes a pressure drop could be watched carefully.

  • Leak Consulting & Locating

    * Turnkey Leak Evaluation * Leak Repair * Pump Station Bypass / Valve Replacements & Emergency Pipeline Management


Pipe Testing Video

Video of a recent job locating a leak.


What is Pipe Testing?

International Flow Technologies Pipe Testing Freeze Plug Services continue to find pinhole leaks in many miles of pipelines. We truly find that needle in the haystack.

Pipe Freeze services use liquid nitrogen to form solid ice plugs to isolate sections of pipelines so hydrostatic testing can be performed on independent sections of pipe.

Multiple Freeze points can be performed and maintained by International Flow Technologies’ technicians. Service locations are situated around the United States for quick, local response.

By regulation and upon owners’ request, all pipelines in America require continued pressure testing. Because of corrosion and wear, it is important to have an ongoing plan to continue testing pipeline integrity. For pipelines that have many miles between valves, or a leak exists but you cannot find it, Pipe Freezing is the solution.

Pipe Freezing is performed by using liquid nitrogen to freeze the water inside the pipeline. Prior to freezing, the pressure can be brought up to your required test pressure. Water is then introduced into the piping system so it can be frozen. System pressures during the PipeFreeze process commonly exceed 1000 psi.

Pressure gauges are used between the Pipe Freezes and outside of the freeze locations to test three separate sections of pipe for pressure loss. The section that drops pressure gives the direction for the next set of freezes. IFT has located very small leaks in many miles of pipelines, in short time frames.